Tru-Vue Films that I need and will trade for

O.K. besides the expected hard to find films there are quite a few of the more common titles listed here, but as my collection has gotten bigger it has become harder to find the individual films that I need without having to buy a large group of films just to get one film that I need. So, here is your opportunity to do some good old fashion trading and get rid of some of your extra films while filling holes in your collection. (I will be adding color films later, so check back)

I suggest that we use Waldsmith's newest book values for a fair exchange. Total up the films that you have on my need list then match that value to the "book" value of the films on my for sale list. Get them pretty close and let me know what you have in mind (I am pretty flexible). We will each pay the shipping to the other person. Films and boxes should be in excellent condition, but I will consider harder to find titles in lesser condition. Please ask if you have any questions.

Note: I will buy or trade for just about any of the early blue box films. Tru-Vue made several changes in their films the first few years, and I enjoy tracking those difference down. Also, I am looking for most of the "Depth Photography" films from the 1930's. I have about a dozen dates from the 1940's and 1950's, but only one from the 1930's (the photos did change from printing to printing). Let me know what you have and I can give you a value.

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These are the titles on the boxes, not necessarily the actual title on the film.

Unnumbered Films

1893 Chicago World's Fair

1933 Pacific Southwest Tennis Championships

A Day at the Circus

A Day at the Circus #1

A Day at the Circus #2

A Little Bit of Heaven

Building the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Series 2

Bobby Jones on Golf

No. 2, Woods

No. 4, Short Irons

No. 5, Bunker Play

Bonneville Dam #1

Brooklyn #1

Catalina (no number)

Catalina 3

Chicago Cubs, Sports Series

Christmas Dreams

Colorado National Monument

Columbia River Highway

Dam No. 15

Florida 's Hollywood Beach Hotel

Grand Coulee Dam (no number)



Hollywood Backstage

Hollywood Miscellaneous

Mississippi River U.S. Gov't Dam No. 15


Movie Premier

Movies in the Making

New York -1 (State)

New York -2 (State)

New York - 3 (City)

New York - 4 (City)

New York - 6 (City)

Ohio Caverns

Pikes Peak Region

Premiere (of film "I'm No Angel")

Upper Mississippi Dam Improvement

Various Scenes

Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park


Numbered Black and White Films - 14 frames

241 Bedtime for Dagwood

244 Toy Town--Little Netherland

245 Red Ryder

247 Captain Marvel Verses Steam Roller

248 Flash Gordon

249 Katzenjammer Kids

250 Little Black Sambo

251 Mother Goose

302 Mt. Rushmore

303 Badlands

605 Cedar Breaks Nat'l. Monm't

703 Arches National Monument

723 Scenic Colorado 1

725 Colorado River Canyon 1

727 Scenic Colorado 5

1314 Sally Rand Fan Dance (purple)

1317 Powers Models--Cover Girls

1410 Historic Virginia 1

1412 Williamsburg (no B)

1413 Historic Virginia 4


Numbered Black and White Films - 10 frames

130 Wild West Rodeo

204 Cinderella – Part 1

206 Days of '49

207 Fairyland No. 1

208 Fairyland No. 2

209 Fairyland No. 3

230 Susann's Doll House

243 Wheels-A-Rolling

244 Toy Town--Little Netherland

247 Captain Marvel vs. Steam Roller

252 Alice in Wonderland 1

253 Alice in Wonderland 2

900 Chicago Railroad Fair

913 Ohio Caverns

1130 Highway #1- Augustine to Key West

1132 Miami - Miami Beach


Disney - 14 frames

B-51 Disney's Alice in Wonderland

B-52 Bambi

B-53 Donald Duck

B-54 Disney's Mickey Mouse


Disney - 10 frames

B-52 Bambi

B-53 Donald Duck

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