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The View-Master & Tru-Vue Collector's Association (VTCA) is a group of people who enjoy collecting, using, and talking about View-Master and Tru-Vue 3D images, viewers and related accessories. The organization was started in 1991 by three collectors in the Minneapolis area as a means of passing some of their extensive knowledge on to others, and in the process learning just a little more about their favorite hobby. The primary vehicle for this information passing was the bimonthly (and later, quarterly) newsletter the ReView (see Back Issues).

Since its start, many people have been involved with the publication of this newsletter, but the bulk of the work fell onto the shoulders of one of its founding members, Scott Kemling. Scott did a terrific job of putting together a very informative newsletter over the years, but time takes its toll, and now it is time to pass the publishing responsibilities on to others. We hope to keep the spirit of the VTCA alive with this online version of the ReView, but there is still a need for everyone who has an interest in collecting View-Master and Tru-Vue to get involved. If there is any area that you would like to contribute, please let us know!

It really isn't hard, and can actually be very rewarding. All it takes is a little effort. We hope to hear from you soon.

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