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Around the World Film Variations

By Tom Martin

A little while ago a person interested in the Middle East contacted me inquiring if Tru-Vue ever made a film about Israel or Palestine. I informed them that Tru-Vue did not make a specific film about the area, but that there were a few views included in the "Around the World" (ATW) series of films. He asked to purchase any extra films that I might have with those particular views, so I went through my extras trying to find the best condition films for him. To my surprise, as I was checking the quality of a couple copies of ATW 3, I noticed that the views on the second film were different than the ones on the first.

Putting two and two together, I compared other copies of the ATW series and found several changes in the images Tru-Vue used over the years. So, now to have a "complete" collection you will need to have each variant of the ATW series.

To assist collectors in tracking down the different variations, I am providing a list of the films that I have by production date and the countries that are depicted in each view. Some production dates have the same views as a previous years, and I have indicated that when it occured.

Please let me know if you have any ATW films with any production dates that I do not have listed below, so that I can add them.

The List

Around the World with Tru-Vue

(this film later became "Around the World 1" with a few changes)

1/34 New York, Nice, Pompeii, Athens, Ceylon, Bethlehem, India, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Java, Bali, Honolulu, Havana, Boston (except for the New York, Shanghai, Honolulu, and Boston views, same as ATW 1 4/38)

Around the World 1

4/38 New York, Nice, Pompeii, Athens, Ceylon, Bethlehem, India, Hong Kong, Waikiki, Java, Bali, Panama, Havana, Boston
4/43 (same as 4/38)
7/45 United States, France, Philippines, Greece, Palestine, India, China, Java, India, Bali, Hawaii, Panama, Cuba, United States
11/46 United States, United States, Canada, Canada, England, England, England, England, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Finland, Germany, Germany (some views are from ATW 3 5/45)

Around the World 2

3/36 Florida, Nassau, Havana, Colon, Jamaica, Haiti, San Juan, San Juan, Barranquilla, Bombay, Palestine, Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, Singapore,
5/41 (same as 3/36)
7/45 United States, Nassau, Palestine, Cuba, Panama, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, India, Palestine, British Malaya, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Palestine
9/48 Italy (the Adriatic, St. Mark’s Square, Old Roman Forum, Castle of St. Angelo, fishermen), Switzerland (Lucerne street, hotel, covered bridge & tower), France (Riviera, Nice, vineyards, Archbishop’s palace in Paris, Café de la Paix, Eiffel Tower)

Around the World 3

5/41 United States, Canada, Santo Domingo, Columbia, Haiti, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Siam, Egypt, Jamaica, Mexico
5/45 (same as 5/41)
11/46 Spain, Madiera, Africa, Africa, Sicily, Sicily, Sicily, Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia, Greece, Greece, Greece, Palestine, Palestine,

Around the World 4

11/46 Egypt (Karnak, Luxor), India (Delhi, elephants, Agra, Caves of Ellora), Siam (Bangkok, motorized hearse), Malay Peninsula (Hindu temple), Java, Bali, Philippines (museum, Manila, Pasig river, diving boys)
4/47 (same as 11/46)

Around the World 5

11/46 Hong Kong, Japan (Daibutsu Budda of Kama-Kura, street scene), Honolulu, San Francisco, Death Valley, Mexico (Bank & General Post Office of Mexico City, San Juan Teotihuacan), Panama (Colon, canal), Columbia (Barranquilla street scene, waterfront & market, house) Puerto Rico

Around the World 6

11/46 Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo (tomb of Christopher Columbus, market place), Haiti (native village, Persian market), Jamaica, Cuba, (President’s palace, Spanish Cathedral, Capitol building) Miami (Fort Dallas Park), Nassau (Bay Street, Paradise Beach), Statue of Liberty, Manhattan Skyline

Note: In Tru-Vue's final two years, they began to renumber their films in anticipation of a new revision of all of their titles. Since the last three ATW titles came out several years after the first three, their catalog numbers were separated from the first three (1503, 1504, 1505, 1539, 1540, 1541). Tru-Vue grouped all of the ATW films at the begining of the Foriegn Lands section and renumbered the boxes 1500 - 1505. All of the films in these new boxes have same production date as the previous numbered boxes (11/46) the exception being ATW 2 which is 9/48.

These are all of the production dates that I own. If you have any other production dated ATW films, please let me know.

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