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Original View-Master Production Art

If you found this site I do not have to tell you how rare original production art from the View-Master studio is, or what a great addition it can make to your collection. I have a small quantity of this artwork that was rescued from the trash when the Portland plant closed, and I will be selling it over the next few months on eBay. The artwork was licensed by several animation studios including Disney, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Brothers, Jim Henson, Marvel, and others.

The great thing about View-Master artwork, as compared to movie and TV animation art, is that you get the full image and background in every cel or drawing. In most animation art only a certain part of the character or scene changes, so why redraw the entire scene (or even character)? In View-Master art every scene in unique, so the entire scene is drawn every time.

Most of the art is in very good condition, and will display nicely when framed. Be aware though, that the art was used to develop a commercial product and was not intended to be a finished work of art itself. There will be notes and marks on some of the pieces, and most were not handled or stored the same as you would a fine piece of art. I will try to point out any imperfections that I notice.

If you would like to purchase any of the pieces, please contact me.



(click on each small picture to see more photos)

1. Muppet Babies unpainted cel, reel C, view 3, left image. Image size 1 0" X 9", film size 14" X 11".

2. Perils of Mickey unpainted cel, reel A, view 5, right image. Image size 10" X 9", film size 14" X 11".

3. Bambi Show Beam package. This is a neat set, all 30 pages of the Bambi Show Beam storyboard in pencil drawn sketches, plus the painted cel for the final view, plus the unopened Show Beam film! I hated to break up this set and sell the individual pieces, so it is going as a complete package. The pencil sketches are on 8 1/2" X 11" paper sheets. (Note: the first and last pages have rust marks on them from the paper clip that was holding the storyboard together. It can probably be cleaned, but I will leave it to the buyer.) The painted cel image size is 9" X 6 5/8", film size 12" X 10".

4. Beauty and the Beast painted cel, reel C, view 1, right image. Image size 10" X 9", film size 14" X 11". Image is marked "DO NOT USE" on the bottom and there are 3 areas on the forward bedpost that have small red letter D's on them (I assume that someone wanted these areas darker).

5. Mickey and the Seal ink master for cover art, framed. This is the drawing that the final painted cel was copied from to make the cover art for the Mickey and the Seal Show Beam package. You can see the package on eBay item number 160024808870. Outside dimensions of the frame are 16" X 13 1/2". There are several small stains on the paper, but are not noticeable.

6. Fraggle Rock unpainted cel, reel A, view 7, right image, framed. Outside dimensions of the frame are 15 1/4" X 16".

7. Aladdin color sheet (Jasmine and Rajah) framed. As each project reached the painting stage a color sheet was made to show the painters the correct colors for each of the characters. Outside dimensions of the frame are 16" X 14".


Please stop back often as I am very erratic in my updates, and most items are either one-of-a-kind or very hard to find. I hope you find something you like! Tom Martin

Last update: 30 April, 2011